How It Works


GIF is a Web Hosting and Online Marketing Company Selling Domains, Web Hosting, Websites and Email Marketing, Services via Referral Marketing also known as Network Marketing.

Our Marketing model is very UNIQUE in that it Combines Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing.

The GIF Products/Services are Fully Explained on the PRODUCTS PAGE


Joining GIF is by INVITE ONLY:- You need an inviter username to create an account (sign up) with GIF.


  1. Joining GIF is Absolutely Free
  2. Join GIF using the username of the Person Who Referred You to GIF
  3. As a Free Member You can Earn $5 Monthly If You Refer a PAID Customers to GIF
  4. The GIF Web Hosting Package costs $35 Monthly Subscription Consisting of:- Domain, Web Hosting Space, Blog Website and an Email Marketing Autoresponder Software
  5. A Customer Who Purchases our Web Hosting Package can Refer other Customers and Earn Referral commissions and Team Commission. By Referring others You Automatically become an Agent
  6. In Month One of a NEW SALE an Agent Earns $20 Commissions (Customer Referral Bonus)
  7. From Month 2 Onwards the Agent will Earn $5 on All Customer Subscription Renewals and also Earn $5 on Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 & Level 5 of his Team Sales