My name is Jacob Mayen. I’m a South Sudanese by nationality. I purposely came to Kenya for studies. I successfully completed my high school in 2018 at Bahati Academy in Nakuru. Life was not easy since I was depending on my brother financially until I came across a God-sent opportunity of GIF. GIF has totally changed my financial status as a form four graduate. I comfortably pay my bills and helping my family members back home in South Sudan
Today in GIF, I can afford any lifestyle of my choice at my young age that some of my agemates cant afford. I’m Praying that the Company opens GIF office in South Sudan capital so as the jobless youth can benefit from the Online Marketing Business of GIF. I’m aspiring to be a network marketing pioneer in my country. I thank the GIF Management for coming up with this Life-Changing Opportunity

Jacob Mayen

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My name is Mercy Maina, a third-year student in the Technical University of Mombasa. Before joining GIF I was just a broke student in my second year. I must say GIF is a God-sent opportunity. Since the day I came across GIF I was at a point where I was about to defer my studies due to lack of school fees. Being a firstborn in my family I had no one else to depend on except my parents who were very broke at the time. I decided to join the GIF opportunity since I wanted more out of life and I was tired of being behind my bills and always broke. I realized I didn’t have enough money to pay my fees, I had to find a legitimate way and make it happen. I thank God for this opportunity, as it is the best decision I ever made in my life. I can now pay my school fees now and support my family as well. The future is so promising with GIF that I don’t see myself looking for a JOB after completing university.
My burning desire is to uplift others who are willing to change their lives.

Mercy Maina

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My name is George Ochieng a form 4 Leaver of 2018.
I joined Global Internet Fortunes (GIF), Kisumu Branch on a full-time basis in August 2019. After finishing form 4, I used to do odd Jobs just to make ends meet including riding Tuk Tuk in Kisumu Town, At the age of 20, I have now managed to build a sales team with GIF that pays me an average of Ksh 5,000 every week which has started to transform my life. I have managed to save some amount for my school fees since I want to join college. I really appreciate the GIF Platform and I thank the Founder Mr Kimathi Kamundeh for this amazing life-changing platform.

George Ochieng

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My name is Denis Mutie, a Maths teacher graduate from Machakos University. I joined Global Internet Fortunes (GIF) in April 2018 after working in poultry business for 8 months and earning peanuts. The main reason I ventured into GIF business was because I Never wanted to teach students how to pass exams instead I chose to teach people how to make money online. Through GIF business, I have managed to earn a job replacing income and I don’t ask for money from my parents and relatives to survive but instead, I support myself fully. I am working hard with GIF to purchase my car and drive my first car in my 20s which I would not have been possible if I chose to be a teacher.

Denis Mutie

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Caroline Mwende joined GIF right after graduating from the university at a point when she was looking for a job. Initially she didn’t believe much in the business since she had subscribed to the common socialization whereby a child is born and told to “go to school, get good grades, get a good job and finally get rich”. As she did the business she was still writing CVs so she managed to get a job with a local NGO. She later realized that one can never achieve dreams by working for someone else but by being their own boss and taking full control of one’s time and finances. After working for 8 months she decided to ‘fire her boss’ and build her GIF business on a full time basis. Today she is achieving her dreams online and helping others do the same. Fortune favors the bold.

Caroline Mwende

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Ariel Sasha is an accountant by profession. She started the business during her last semester in college and after graduating she decided not to look for a job. This decision was as a result of the unemployment crisis in Kenya and also low wages offered in most jobs. Today she is making more than what employers in the job market can offer for her level of education and experience. She is definitely building her own economy.

Ariel Sasha

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I am Chol Angeth, a South Sudanese by nationality. I came to Kakuma Refugee Camp in 2009. My Mum and Dad divorced in 2004 when I and my little brother were very young and few months later my dad passed away so we started staying with our grandmother. In 2009 my grandmother took me to school at the Kakuma Refugee Camp where I got free education and free shelter too, I finished my primary level in 2014. Life was also tough and studies wasn’t that good but Mom volunteered to take me to better school in Nakuru so I later went to Nakuru but things didn’t go according to mom’s plan because she was not able to support my schooling because of family issues. My uncle was pleased with my performance at school so he volunteered to be paying my feesin form 1 and 2. I later encountered some challenges when I reached form 3 and 4 because the uncle who was paying my fees got an accident and he also was very sick so he couldn’t go to work and that where life knock me down to my knees, I used to go to school for like 2 weeks and send back home because of fees and come back again later without fees so that’s how I survive and the whole of form 4 term 2 and 3 I stay at home for lack of fees. I Only Went Back to school one day before the National Exam and that’s how I finished my high school level. I was Introduced and Invited to Global Internet Fortunes in April 2019 by Jacob Mayen, who was my friend back in Nakuru since we used to play football together so when I saw him advertising about the business I contacted him and asked him about the business. I went for the training and I really saw great future in GIF but the problem was about the Upgrade fee of Ksh 5,500 ($55). I called Mom but she wasn’t having money so I told her to go and borrow money then I’ll pay back so she agreed and she went ahead and borrowed the Ksh 5,500 ($55) from another woman and that’s how I got started. I struggled for about a Few weeks in GIF with no Sales and No Income but later I committed to doing the business seriously. I managed to attend the GIF MOMBASA office launch on 1st JUNE 2019 When I was only 2 months old in the Business and this is where I First Met the CEO of the Company and other GIF Champions and I realized How Big the Opportunity was and I saw the Great future of GIF. My Goal is to change the life of my little brother who’s also in Kakuma Refugee Camp after my grandmother passed away so he was studying in Kakuma and I promise to take care of him…. Am glad that now I moved him from Kakuma to Eldoret and I took him to a better school paying his fees and I always thank God for this great opportunity. Am now working in Kakuma because the Internet is very poor, I travel to Kakuma town every day to find Good/Strong internet and also Electricity is a very big problem here in Kakuma I normally charge my phone almost 3 times a day, I charge it like in the morning and used it then take it back again and used it… Or alternatively I can travel to where there’s power like some institutions places and pretend to go read there but I went there purposely to do my GIF business… That’s how I survive with the bad situations here in Kakuma but thank God am still making a job replacing income and I thank God for leading me to GIF.My aim now in GIF is to stabilize my income and also take care of mom who’s struggling with her little kids and struggling financially, I also managed to take her little daughter to high school and that’s a big achievement I got in GIF. Am now paying school fees for 2 siblings and I would wish to be paying school fees for all my siblings and make my mom live a better life… I also want to change lives of youths in Kenya, South Sudan through GIF. I thank you the CEO Mr Kimathi Kamundeh for giving us this great opportunity and thanks to all my uplines who have been supporting me in the business, Camillus Konjalo, Caroline Mwende, Patrick Wambua, Denis Mutie, Abraham Kuol and Jacob Mayen.

God Bless GIF

Chol Angeth

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