For a long time, you’ve been wishing for the return of M-Ledger. And, at the risk of beating a dead horse, I’d like to remind you that the ship has departed and you must move on.

And it’s not like Safaricom has abandoned you, since while the firm has made contentious moves in the past, such as discontinuing M-Ledger, it looks like it is gradually incorporating some of its functions into its contemporary app.

After months of testing, the M-PESA app went live this week. We’ve since done a thorough investigation of its offerings. That is, if the app obtains a notable feature, we will notify you like the wonderful people we are.

Other than what the app has been doing previous to its formal roll-out, the last week’s debut brought nothing new or significant to the table.

What happened subsequently, though, is what prompted the posting of this piece.

On the day of its introduction, certain things went wrong with the M-PESA service as a whole, and we assumed that Safaricom was simply checking sure everything was in order. Of course, order was eventually restored.

Following that, we received two significant upgrades for the M-PESA app and mySafaricom.

Following these two new enhancements, the M-PESA app is now improved:

  • The app now launches more quickly. Not in terms of speed, but of how quickly it returns you to the home page after entering your PIN or biometric authentication. Sluggishness was formerly a concern for many; the program would take its sweet time to launch, and in some cases, it would fail or crash. This is no longer an issue.
  • The second feature is the ability to filter through your M-PESA statements. Before I go any further, here’s what M-Ledger could accomplish before it vanished:

M-Ledger could retrieve transactions from more than 6 months ago when it first launched. Later improvements allowed it to go back as far as five years in terms of transaction history, all via the Safaricom Cloud. You might conduct a transaction by scanning the history for elements like a user’s name. You could also do cool things like zero down on persons with whom you had financial interactions, as well as other characteristics like who receives the most money from you. You could even identify how much money you had sent and received over a particular period of time, say yearly, in terms of sent and received dollars, as well as by individual.

To that end, the M-PESA app upgrade, in a manner, allows you to perform the most of these things.

The seems to be retrieving comments as far back as April 2021. (in my case). I’m still not sure if the reconciliation is done from my text messages or if the information is collected from the Cloud (confirmation is incoming). Isn’t it fantastic?

The second feature is that you can search through the statements; for example, if you want to keep track of how much money you have given to your parent, you may do so. Unfortunately, the statement does not include totals for those transactions, but you may keep track of them.

These features are essential to many people, and we hope Safaricom will continue to include them in the M-PESA software in the coming days.


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